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Getting Fired Up: 1928/1929 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ

This is the second in a four part series on Peter Rooke's restoration of a 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ. Read part 1 for the beginning of the restoration, and part 3 and part 4 for the rest of the restoration.A water pump was needed to complete this restoration. The style of pump needed was not generally available in the U.K., so the plan was to use a regular hand pump and adapt it to ...

| Jan 5, 2015


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Vintage 1920’s South Bend Catalog

Sent in by a reader, these scans are from a vintage South Bend catalog printed in the 1920s and can be used to make an attachment for a lathe to re-babbitt and restore gas engines. The pages include a list of equipment needed to bore con-rods, instructions for mounting con-rods in a lathe, and boring the bearing to the exact same size. Also, how to use micrometer carriage stops to ...

Staff | Mar 8, 2021

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