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C.H. Wendels’s Literature Archive

Gas Engine Magazine has been following the consolidation of C.H. Wendel’s amazing collection, following his passing in 2019. The gas engine community lost a highly influential man who served as a gateway to the history behind the hobby. He will forever be missed. This rare collection of vintage gas engine and tractor literature and photographs will keep you mesmerized for ...

Staff | Mar 8, 2021

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1917 50hp Miller

Company: Miller Improved Gas Engine Co. Springfield, Ohio Year: 1917 Serial Number: 1706 Horsepower: 50 Bore: 13 in Stroke: 20in Weight: 70,000lb Ignition: Dual spark plug with magneto and battery and coil Governing: Throttle Owner: Reid and Ellis Wellman Founded by Charles A. Miller in 1897, the Miller Gas Engine Company was located in ...

Staff | Jan 5, 2021

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Flywheel Forum: Engine Collection Journey

56/4/1: Engine collection journey After reading Christine Stoner’s excellent editorial (February/March 2021 issue of Gas Engine Magazine) of the journey to start an engine collection, my mind drifted back to how I began on a long road with the gas engine. Wonderful memories! Having acquired my first engine in 1958 and finding a few others locally, I started seriously searching in ...

Staff | May 13, 2021

Q And A

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Young Iron: Solomon Rees

Q: How long have you been collecting gas engines?A: I’ve been collecting gas engines since I was 9 years old.Q: What attracted you to the hobby?A: There was a Briggs & Stratton Model WMB engine in the back of our barn, and I restored it all by myself.Q: Who else in your family collects engines?A: My father also collects engines.Q: What engines do you have in your collection?A: ...

| Apr 22, 2013


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Jun 23, 2021

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