Identify Engine and Sparta Serial Numbers

Help readers identify this old engine and track down serial numbers on Sparta engines.

By Staff
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Landis Wehrmann

56/6: Can you identify this engine?

I need help identifying this small gas engine which has no markings. Thanks,

Landis Wehrmann
Grant Park, Illinois

If anyone knows specifics of the engine in question, please contact Landis via email or snail mail. Please also loop me in and I’ll share the answer to this mystery in a future issue. – Editor

56/6: Seeking info on Sparta serial numbers

Good day! I am currently in the middle of a ground-up restoration of a Sparta Economy 2hp engine. The engine’s serial number is 18836. I wonder if there is a database or listing of serial numbers and their manufacturing date. Looking at mine, I am wondering if it is perhaps the 836th engine produced in 1918. So here I am, hoping you can shed some light on this.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nick Leonard

Please give Nick a holler if you know where he can find information on Sparta serial numbers. May your restoration go smoothly, sir! When you’re finished, send the story with before and after photographs for other enthusiasts to enjoy. — Editor

56/6: Sketch and dimensions needed

A friend recently brought me a Vacuum Rotor Flame Licker to restore. It’s missing the piston and con-rod. Can anyone supply a sketch with dimensions for these items? The shield for the flame is also missing, but I think I can fabricate an acceptable substitute. Thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. Please don’t wait too long as I’m 90 years old!

Ken “The Old Tinkerer” Hollenbeck
2433 Cherrywood Lane
Sister Bay, WI 54234

Thank you for writing, Ken. Can anyone help “The Old Tinkerer” with his search? – Editor

56/6: Museum recommendation

Those interested in oil field equipment (not just the engines) might consider a visit to the Oil Field Museum in Oblong, Illinois. It is said to be the largest such museum in the entire United States.

Dennis Steckley
Palestine, Illinois

Thanks for the recommendation, Dennis. Sounds like a fascinating and educational place to explore. – Editor

56/6: Correction: Historical Society seeks information

The following letter was printed in the June/July 2021 issue and contained a typo in the phone number. See below for correct details.

Wanted: Information on the TC Pelton Boat and Gas Engine Works of Lyons, Iowa, circa 1890-1918. Lyons is now incorporated into Clinton, Iowa. I belong to the Clinton (Iowa) Historical Society and they have been most helpful. However, more information is needed: advertising posters, catalogs, photos, etc.

Send to: Dave Irey
6348 Mildred Ave., Edina, MN 55439

Please send your questions and comments for Flywheel Forum or your contact information for GEM Experts to Gas Engine Magazine, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265 or email

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  • Originally Published on Aug 12, 2021
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