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Maytag Co., Newton, Iowa

Manufacturer: Maytag Co., Newton, IowaModel: 92 Year: 1937 Serial number: 791010 Horsepower: 3/4 hp Bore and stroke: 2-1/2in x 2in Ignition: Magneto Type FY-ED4 Additional info: Luke, age 9 at the time of submission, likes to work on old rusty iron with Grandpa. Owner: Luke Barbian, c/o Charlie Barbian, Alexandria, KYWant more antique engines? Check out our Antique Gas Engine ...

| Nov 2, 2015

Gas Engines Collections

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Goes and Goes Right: New Way Collection

James Johnson got interested in gas engines when he made the 1,600-mile trip from his home in Chehalis, Washington, to the WMSTR (Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion) show in Rollag, Minnesota, in 1980. Now 76, James had been there with his father in 1955, but that 1980 trip was different. “Since my dad had passed away, I spent a lot of time with my father’s brothers, ...

| Jul 15, 2020

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Gas Engines Company History

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The Benz Engine

Way back in the early 1970s, while chatting with John Wilcox one day, I learned that the Buckeye Pipe Line Co. of Ohio experimented with many different brands of engines, unlike the Eureka of West Virginia, and National Transit of Pennsylvania; both of whom standardized one or two brands. Buckeye used De La Vergne, various types of Bessemer, St. Mary’s, Kleins, Ruston, and various ...

Staff | Jul 7, 2021


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Young Iron Revisited: Following In His Grandfather’s Footsteps

We checked in with enthusiast Jordan Friedrich after more than 10 years have gone by. His old iron interest and collection has grown as he picks up where his grandfather, George Shand, left off. Q. How many engines do you currently have in your collection? A. In my collection there are approximately 17 engines. Of those engines, 10 engines are mine (four of which came from a ...

Staff | Jul 3, 2021

Company History

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Tracing the Career of Frank M. Underwood, Part 2

Read the first installment at "Tracing the Career of Frank M. Underwood." According to the October 1894 issue of American Machinist magazine, the Quast Gas and Gasoline Engine Co. (Bucyrus, Ohio) was in the process of setting up their machine shop at that time. F.M. Underwood was superintendent of the Quast Gas Engine Co., and he likely began with Quast in late 1894 or early ...

Staff | Jun 25, 2021

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