Danny Started It!

By Staff
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84 Church Street, Northbridge, MA 01534

I am writing you as I have picked up Rusty Iron Fever and it all
started in 1989 while I was working with a friend by the name of
Danny Murell. He has had it for sometime. Danny kept after me to go
to a show and finally in 1990 I went to one.

Well, in the last year my son and I have gotten eight Briggs and
a 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse which we bought all together. It needed a
mag, which we got from Branson Enterprises. Our last engine is a
2-2? 1939 Stover CT 2 that we bought in pieces; it took three trips
to get it all home. This is the way to buy them, as it really makes
you feel real good when you hear them run the first time in about
25 or 30 years. I am sending pictures of the Stover before and

I made the carts that they are on. We are real proud to belong
to a real fine organization. We have really enjoyed 1991.

I would like to thank Branson Enterprises, also C. H. Wendel for
the books he put out, Mr. Lee for all the parts and Hit & Miss

And I want to say to all of you who get Rusty Iron Fever, you
certainly have a lot of friends out here. May God bless and may we
meet in 1992.

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