1869 12 HP Gibbs & Sterrett photo gallery 1

By Staff
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The Bessemer cylinder head as Stan found it.
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Stan Ellerbeck purchased this 1869 Gibbs and Sterrett steam engine frame from a collector in Bradford, PA, where it worked on a local oil field. The engine was converted to gas in the late 1800s but the cylinder and other pieces from that conversion are long gone.
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Stan came up with the idea for his crosshead assembly after visiting Coolspring Power Museum in Coolspring, PA, and looking closely at the Gibbs and Sterrett engines on display.
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Stan needed to make a cylinder adaptor mount for the intake valve assembly. In this photo, Stan is boring a hole in the intake valve mount casting to the correct diameter of the intake valve assembly.  
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An interior view of the Bessemer cylinder and piston as found. Stan rebored the cylinder.
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Stan machines the bottom of the front cylinder mount plate. Back to the photo gallery menu 
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Cylinder adaptor plate being bored to match the intake valve mount casting.  
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The front cylinder mount plate is set in Stan’s milling machine to make it square.  
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