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Cabin Fever

Heading into the New Year reminds me of how many shows I didn’t
make it to in 2004. It seemed every time I planned for a show,
something else came along. I’m not a big believer in New Year’s
resolutions, but I am resolved to hitting more shows in 2005, and
I’m going to start in January by taking in the Cabin Fever Model
Engineering Exposition at the Convention & Expo Center in York,
Pa., January 15-16 (turn to the back cover for more

Okay, so why am I telling you? Two reasons: First, if I make it
public, I’ll have to go. Second, Cabin Fever organizer Gary
Schoenly has kindly offered me the use of a room to meet with
attendees to discuss models, model-making and Gas Engine

We’ve upped our scale and model engine content because readers
asked for the increased coverage; and you’ve responded
enthusiastically. At Cabin Fever, I’m looking forward to meeting
with scale and model engine enthusiasts to get more feedback and
discuss what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong and what you
want to see more of. We can’t build this magazine in a vacuum, and
Cabin Fever affords a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and
look toward the future. I hope to see you there.

New Faces

As we go into the next year of shows, some of you will be lucky
enough to meet Jason Denney, our new editorial assistant. We feel
pretty lucky, because it’s not every day you find a college grad
with experience in the shop. With the time he’s spent working in
body shops, racing motorcycles and modifying off-road trucks,
Jason’s pretty familiar with a wrench.

Jason’s been with us for a few months, and he’s already a
critical member of the team that works to put this magazine
together. Old engines are new to Jason, but he’s attached himself
to learning about the hobby with a passion, and that’s good for all
of us.

Show Directory Update

We’ve just about closed the books on the 2005 Farm Collector
Show Directory
, and we’re heading into another banner year of
shows. We have 1,468 shows on file – 68 more than last year’s
record-setting 1,400 listings! If you didn’t get your listing in,
don’t forget about our new Farm Collector Online Show
(www.farmcollectorshowdirectory.com). A nominal
fee gets your listing posted and automatically sent out to
registered users. And don’t forget, if you get your book order in
before Jan. 21, 2005, you’ll save $2 off the cover price. Go to the
web site for secure online ordering or call 1-866-803-7096.

Richard Backus


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