It Was A Blast!

By Staff
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State Representative of Tennessee, Roy Herron, Grand Marshall, and Mrs. Herron.
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Front, Keith Fesmire and daughter, of Milan, Tennessee on 'B' Deere; Buddy Rimmer and daughter, of Milan, Tennessee, on F-20 Farmall; Ben Long, Atwood, Tennessee, on 1917 8-16 McCormick-Deering; Joe Perry, Atwood, Tennessee, on 1937 'D"

Pres. West Term. Antique Engine and Tractor Assoc., P.O. Box
369, Atwood, Tennessee 38220.

In 1989, my last year as Mayor of Atwood, Tennessee, I wanted to
do something outstanding for antique tractors and engines. We put
on a Memorial Day Parade with old soldiers, and yes, old tractors
and engines. It was a blast! The members had the time of their
lives and the event was certainly a boost to local, state and out
of state collectors.

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