Where are the Shaw?

By Staff
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2612 Villa Avenue Sioux City, Iowa 51103

A lot of people have never heard of them. A Shaw is a garden
tractor that was built in Galesburg, Kansas, in the ’30s and
’40s. The reason I named those years is because we have a 1934
and a 1941 Shaw.

The first Shaw tractor we ever saw was one my dad had in Sioux
City, Iowa around 1959. He sold it to some man in So. Sioux City,
Nebraska and never heard of it again.

The first Shaw tractor we purchased was in Seligman, Missouri.
We bought it plus a 14′ bottom mounted plow, hay rake, two row
cultivator, disc, four section drag, and a one row corn planter. We
loaded everything in a half ton pickup and a two wheeled trailer
and Sioux City, here we come! The tractor is a R6 1941 with a
Wisconsin engine.

Our second Shaw we found was here in Sioux City. It is a R12
1934 with a Wisconsin engine also. It came with a 16′ bottom
mounted plow and a two row cultivator. The R12 is used for spring
and fall plowing plus other garden work. The R6 is used mostly for
pulling trailers and giving grand-kids rides.

We called Galesburg, Kansas, to get some manuals, or any kind of
material on a Shaw and were informed that they quit building garden
tractors and are now making Brush Hogs. All literature on Shaws was
destroyed. We have put ads in other papers and magazines but nobody
seems to know ‘Where are the Shaws?’ 

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