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6750 Rattalee Lake Road, Clarkston, Michigan 48348

Pictured is the son of the original owner of this unstyled
‘L’. In the background is the shed where the tractor
resided since 1938. Included in the sale of this tractor was the
original bill of sale, owners manual and a parts book. The tractor
is in 100% perfect condition mechanically and probably will get a
first class paint job soon.

An interesting note, the old fellow took off the swinging
drawbar assembly and used only the U shaped bracket to pull his
implements. As a result, the drawbar pinhole has never been used
and is perfectly round, an unusual sight since all I’ve ever
seen have been elongated, welded and worn again. The son told me
his dad adapted the ‘L’ plow to a Farmall Cub because the
Cub had hydraulic lift and was much easier to get on and off. The
last point I will personally attest to now is that my joints
don’t bend like they did a few years back. I know I should
switch to the Model ‘H’ for ease of operation, but I’ve
become a magnet for Model ‘L’ tractors and can’t seem
to get it turned off. Like homeless animals they find their way to
my shop in boxes and baskets, with transplanted engines, truck
wheels, lawn mower seats and some have been butchered by cutting
torch or welded-on enhancements. So it’s been a real pleasure
to find this tractor that’s been sheltered and used, not
abused. And the good news of course is that there are still John
Deere tractors out there waiting for us all to have the fun of
finding and enjoying.

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