Two Deeres in Disneyland

By Staff
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11091 Edison, Ontario, California 91761

I am a dairy farmer in Ontario, California, about 30 miles from
Disneyland. A John Deere representative found out that I owned two
old John Deeres. I had just finished restoring a 1946 A, and the
other, a 1953 R Diesel, is still used around the dairy farm.

Disneyland had a special feature this fall called ‘State
Fair, U.S.A.’ John Deere was asked to display some new and some
old tractors. You can imagine how excited I was when asked if I
would be willing to let them display my two Deeres for this State
Fair promotion, last September 15 to November 15. I sure never
imagined, while restoring these tractors (the 1946 A is fully
restored but the other was just really cleaned up), that they would
be displayed at Disneyland. For showing them we got 18 free tickets
to take family and friends to Disneyland for a day.

We had a great time and took lots of pictures. This one in front
of the main entrance of Disneyland was taken in the morning before
the park opened. I think the guards thought we were nuts, but we
figured not too many owners of old tractors would ever have a
picture of theirs parked at the entrance into Disneyland! It was a
lot of fun!

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