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William D. Lieuellen
Courtesy of William D. Lieuellen Albany, Ohio

Some tractors, even very good ones, take years to ‘turn
heads’. This tractor did just that at the recent Heritage Show
in Athens, Ohio, sponsored by Alexander Lions.

This English Fordson Golf Course model, was first purchased from
Fred R. Beasley Ford Co., of Athens, Ohio, which later became the
largest Ford dealer in the world. It was purchased new in 1937 by
the Athens Country Club and was used as a mower from 1937 to 1955.
It was then traded to the Dailey Ford Dealership and afterwards was
traded two times, but no repairs were made during those 27

When I purchased the tractor, needless to say, the engine was
stuck and the whole was very rusty. I then began to tackle my
project. Muck patience was needed. It took a year to gather
information and parts. Parts were obtained from several states
including Michigan, West Virginia, and Ohio. I later became a
member of the Fordson Club of Cave Junction, Oregon. Through this
club, many letters, phone calls, etc., I finally obtained the parts
and was able to finish the product. Now the ‘Old Fordson’
certainly doesn’t appear to be a ‘junkyard victim of 27
years’. Patience, hard work, and love of my hobby has brought
satisfaction and pride!

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