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662 B Jefferson Pike, Knoxville, Maryland 21758

After being a Gas Engine Magazine subscriber for nearly ten
years, I thought I might take the time to write you about one of my
tractors I’ve restored. I know I very much enjoy looking at
tractors and equipment that someone has taken the time to restore,
especially when attention is paid to detail.

This 1937 F-20 narrow tread took me nearly two years to finish
in my spare time. I had it in the corner of our farm shop for
almost one year with the motor torn down, both rear bull gear drive
housings disassembled for inspection, gasket and seal replacement,
new brakes, felt packings were installed also on the pulley and PTO
assemblies, front wheel bearings checked and packed. Top steering
bolster gasket and seal replaced, the cylinder sleeves and pistons
miked out good, also rod and main bearings were in good shape. I
honed the cylinder sleeves and installed new rings on pistons. I
had a local machine shop work over the head; the valves were in bad
shape. I had two parts heads which had the valves I needed. The
kerosene manifold was in bad shape, so I located a Hysler gas
manifold to use. The IH F-4 magneto was basically in decent shape,
but needed points, condenser, and a new cap, not cheap items if you
can find them.

After all mechanical work was done, it was time for
sandblasting. This involved stripping the tractor down to nothing
but the frame and wheels enough to transport it to the paint shop
for blasting. I removed the engine first, as I don’t trust sand
around an engine that runs like a clock. I prepped the engine by
hand for painting. I do all my own spraying. Every part gets two
coats of Dupont 615 primer and three coats of IH red enamel with
hardener to retain bright shine and durability. New tires and tubes
were next, and I then put it all back together and installed
decals. This in itself took about two weeks, with help from my wife
and brother. We took it to several shows and received many
compliments as to its detail and appearance. I also won best
appearing tractor for the year with the Central Maryland Antique
Tractor Club.

At present, we also own another F-20 standard tread, F-12, F-14,
F-30,10-20, H, M, 240, 460 Diesel, IH LB gas engine, John Deere B,
60, 630, 720 Pony Diesel, 730 Direct Diesel, as well as various IH
and JD equipment.

Tractor specs: wheels rear 8′-36′; tires 11.2×36; wheels
front 4′-16′; tires 6.00-16; engine IH 4Cyl. valve in head;
r.p.m. 1200 max; magneto IH F-4, PTO shaft 11/8′; pulley width

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