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HI – G.E.M. Family –are you busy?? I’ll bet no busier than
I am right now-what with so many ads to get squared away and
articles (for which we give thanks, even if I can’t get them in
as fast as I’d like to) and a wedding in July (our daughter,
Keli) and getting Tommy to the Little League games and the
orthodonist, and on and on etc. WHEW! Think I’ll just take a
little break–no need to go on with my busy life, as there are many
letters from our gas enthusiasts.

ROBERT MAC WILLIAMS, R.D. 2, Newport, New Hampshire 03773 would
like to know the factory valve timing, tappet clearance, plus gap
and the color on an Edwards 2 cylinder engine and how does one
start it? He says the one lungers are getting scarce – he has four.
(There’s a lot of questions in a few lines there -Good Luck,

DAVE BABCOCK, R.D. 3, Box 673, Cass City, Michigan 48726 sends
this message of particular interest to some of you: ‘In the
March-April G.E.M., I had Sattley decals advertised. I’m
presently sold out, but the reason I’m writing is that a number
of Sattley decals were sent out that were of poor quality. If you
received any of these decals and would like a refund, please send
the decals back for a full prompt refund.’ (Sounds fair

HANS SJOBOEN (SHOBEN), 221 So. Garfield Street, Tacoma,
Washington 98444 says: ‘I enjoy your magazine very much, it is
interesting to hear what others are doing along this line of hobby.
I have these engines: 2-1/2 HP Economy, 4 HP Cushman, 1-1/2 HP
Waterloo Boy, 4 HP Fairbanks Morse, 2 cyl. Maytag and 1 cyl.

Model T Fords are my hobby also and I get a lot of enjoyment
from them. I have a 1913 Speedster, a 1920 Touring, a 1925 Fordor
Sedan and am just now starting to restore a 1929 Model A Sport
Coupe. I had one 45 years ago!

Lone Scouts of America is also one of my pet hobbies, many Old
Timer former members do not know there has existed an alumni group
for many years and there are hundreds of members throughout the
USA. I attended a National Reunion in Carson City, Nevada, last
year and there were over 200 in attendance! And what a spirit of
friendliness prevails when these old timer boys get together! There
are no dues or rules, just an offer of old time friendship and
journey back to boyhood days! I would enjoy to hear from any former
members and give them more information about this Legion.

I lived in Kanabec and Redwood Counties, Minnesota and Oceana
County, Michigan as a boy. I am a retired operating engineer, 46
years in heavy construction work and machine repair.

Keep up the good G.E.M., it’s great!

(I’m not even sure what the Lone Scouts of America
means-maybe some of you are more familiar with the name).

‘Please help’ is the cry from FRED FULL, Box 51, R. R.
2, LaMollie, Illinois 61330 – ‘My father has a 3-5 HP IHC
engine, one of the newer ones. Anyway the engine will not run. We
have tried everything. He has also had the magneto checked and it
still won’t run. We also have a Rock Island engine that
won’t keep running. (Please help FRED FULL, so he won’t be

WESLEY J. TRATHEN, 3025 W. Dayton, Flint, Michigan 48504
comments: ‘If I may say so without hurting the feelings of the
previous writers on the crowned pulley problem, I feel that they
all ignored the basic mechanics of this problem as published in

Enclosed is a sketch and explanation that I feel gets down to
the principles involved. The Action of a Belt on a Crowned Pulley
-consider a narrow belt running on a crowned pulley as shown in the
sketch with the conditions exaggerated. The crown will cause the
belt to have a slight offsetting curvature as shown.

At Point P on the centerline of the belt will move in the
direction of the arrow as P approaches the pulley and will assume a
point such as R when it contacts the pulley. Another point on the
centerline, a little ahead of P on the belt has reached position Q.
When the belt moves Point P up to position R, the centerline of the
belt will move up the crown the distance from Q to R. This action
continues until the belt straddles the crown when the climbing
action of one side balances the climbing action of the other
side.’ (see sketch)

ELLSWORTH WEILAND, R. D. 1, Sandusky, Ohio 44870, explains: I
have a couple of questions and wonder if any readers can help?

I just purchased a 32-volt light plant identical to the Gile
shown on the pictured reprint.

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