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The Rumely as it appeared in 1984 when found by Eldon Adams, after 22 years of neglect.
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1927 Model M Rumely in its restored condition, in 1986.
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Box 245 Dawson Creek, British Columbia Canada V1G 4G7

This Rumely 1927 M model was bought new for two thousand dollars
by my father, who farmed on the Saskatchewan prairies. He sold all
his horses in order to obtain the money to pay for it and went
straight power farming. This was a bit revolutionary in those

In 1940 he sold this tractor to me and I started farming in the
same area of southern Saskatchewan. In 1942 I moved to the Peace
River area of British Columbia and, at this point, sold the Rumely

In 1984, I found the Rumely, which had had three different
owners. It had not run for 22 years, was in a fence corner and was
in extremely run-down condition. Intake and exhaust had been left
uncovered, with the result of much water and frost damage. I bought
it back again and went to work on restoring it.

In August of 1986, I had it running and showed it at the Dawson
Creek Fall Fair and won first prize in the Pioneer class.

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