Response to the HEAT HOUSER

By Staff
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Weldon Zimmer's Oliver with his FEMCO tractor heater in place.

We received a few responses to the old Heat-Houser ad we printed
on page 27 of our January 2000 issue. Wyett Colclasure of 307 S.
Washington Street, Kinmundy, Illinois 62854 wrote to say,
‘After my return to civilian life in 1945, after WW II, I was
issued a priority to purchase a new tractor.

‘I purchased a new H International. Our family owned a
one-row Woods Bros, corn picker which was being pulled by a C
Allis, that was not equal to the task. My new H was capable, but
very cold on frozen ground.

‘In 1946 I bought a Heat-Houser and it was a godsend! It
kept you warm half of the time. It was cold when going with the
wind, but heavenly on the return. I’m sorry I do not have a
picture of it. ‘

Another letter came from Weldon Zimmer of 32025 Armington Road,
Armington, Illinois 61721. Weldon sent us the receipt from a brand
new cover he had purchased for his Oliver, called a ‘weather
brake.’ The firm he purchased it from was Femco of 500 N.
Bypass, McPherson, Kansas 67460.

One more reader, David Brewer of 17751 Blue Tent Road, Nevada
City, Iowa 95959 sent a catalog page from CT Farms & Country ,
which offers canvas, vinyl and custom-fitted tractor heaters. Thus,
it seems as though even though no one sent us a picture of a
vintage Heat-Houser, the idea lives on!

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