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1916 8-16 Avery owned by Clifford Peterson of Grass Lake, Michigan Photo submitted by Stewart Webster, 11215 Oakland Drive, Kaldmazoo, Michigan
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Lyle Schultz' 5 HP type N Fairbanks-Morse, which was frozen and had missing parts when he got it, but has been restored by Schultz Gas Engine Restoring. He lives at RR 1, Box 105, Fountain, Minnesota. Below is Ralph Joines' International Titan Side Shaft
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William J. Earl of 63 Wilstead Drive, New market, Ontario, Canada sends this photo of a 1926 Eagle tractor, 20-40 HP.
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This photo was taken at the June 1984 California Early Day Gas Engine &. Tractor Association Show in Vista, California. Alan Diamond's 1929 Stover KA2 is belted to his A. Y. McDonald 2' pump. 'The water only comes out the top of the tee at mid s
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#CA283H, which he says many people have asked to see. Joines' address is Route 4, Box 284, Sparta, North Carolina 28675.
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