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Salesman's sample engine.
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Clarence Russ of Lena, IL, RR#1 61048, is the proud owner of this Waterloo Boy Tractor which dates from 1922.
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Courtesy of Dave Karl, Joliet, Illinois 60436.

Harold E. Probasco, of PO Box 225, in Huntsville, Utah 84317,
sent us this photo of a rather rare engine. It was made by the
Western Iron Works of Los Angeles, California, and is serial #428,
manufactured in 1906. The engine is 12 HP and weighs just over a

What Is It?

This is a picture of a salesman’s sample engine. The
flywheel diameter is 10′ with 1-5/16′ face. The bore and
stroke are 2?’ x 3?’. Ignition is by spark plug with
battery and coil. It is a hit and miss engine and one of the cutest
I have seen. Maybe someone can help me find out what this engine
is. Courtesy of Ed Edwards, P.O. Box 197, Big Bend, California

Pictured are four real nice crawler tractors: 1927 Monarch 75;
1935 IHTD-40; 1928 Cat 30 and 1938 Cat D2. These were shown at the
1978 Will County Show in Peotone, Illinois.


A 1936 McCormick Deering T-20 Trac Tractor owned by John Hoover
of Everett, Ontario and restored by students of the Dr. G. W.
Williams High School under John’s careful Guidance. His son Tim
sent us the photo.

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