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Courtesy of Dale Nickerson, Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, New York 14718.
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Courtesy of Carl Kirsch, P.O. Box 57, St. Paul, Oregon 97137.
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Stover 6 HP engine. Courtesy of Leslie York, Box 17, Fredonia, Kansas 66736.
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Submitted by Robert L. Melcher, Lindsay, Nebraska 68644.
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Courtesy of Clarence Denser, Austing, Manitoba, Canada.
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Submitted by Floyd Perleberg, 1306 South First Street, Willmar, Minnesota 56201.

‘Neverstop’ 4 HP – manufactured by Lazier Gas Engine
Company, Buffalo, New York. Was shown at the Ellery Center, New
York Show in 77. Just one of the rare ones that will be on display
this year.

Pictured is my 1939 Caterpillar D5-series 9-M, No. 28,6 cylinder
diesel. B.S. – 4 ?’ x 5 ?’. Only 46 built. Does anyone know
of another like it? In 1967 the current D5 was introduced.

Pictured on the float is George Hegeman shelling corn, Steve
Melcher keeping that Sears running. I was elsewhere in the parade
with my restored 1966 GTO convertible.

Lindsay, Nebraska had a parade last summer. George Hegeman and
myself (Bob Mekher) entered our float. We had eleven engines
running, the pride and joy was the Sears Economy that my son,
Steve, is tending. It was ‘baulking’ that day. That engine
was buried since 1927. George dug it up in the Fall of 1975, after
he put his magic hand and a lot of work to that engine and now it
lives again

Stover 6 HP engine restored by Leslie York and Leland Bauman of
Fredonia, Kansas. This engine was original equipment on a John
Deere Hay Baler. This baler was bought by my father in 1920. We
used it very successfully until 1925 when it sold at public
auction. It sold to a friend of my family who used it about two
years. He had poor luck keeping it running, so he parked it in the
barn lot, where it sat for 50 years. Mr. Bauman and I bought it in
the summer of 1977. Trees had grown into the baler wheels that were
18 to 20 inches through which made it difficult to move. We started
restoring the engine last spring (1977) and had it running in our
Homecoming Parade last October. The cylinder was full of water but
the muffler had rusted off and the exhaust pipe filled with rust
and scales – so it did not get air and it did not rust. It turned
black. We even got the rings off of the piston without breakage.
However, we replaced them with a set ordered from an ad in GEM. All
springs had to be replaced, and we had to have the head bored for
valve sleeves and had new valves made. This was the most expensive
job, but the man did an excellent job. We also had the magneto
overhauled. We had to run our main bearing. This engine and baler
meant a lot to me as our family had owned it so many years ago. We
plan to restore the baler, mount the engine on it and have it in
the parade next October. We have baled 500 to 600 bales per day
with it many day is. My job was tying the wires on bales. This
amount was a record back in those days.

Cat D-10 – World’s most powerful, largest crawler tractor.
20′ dozer, weighs 93 tons. 700 HP Cat D348 U-12 engine. Cat has
field testing prototype D10 models since late 1973.

Testing of these tractors was done at Cat Peoria, Illinois and
Litchfield Park, Arizona proving grounds. D-10 Cat dozer on Arizona
Proving Grounds. Cat D-10 tractor about the size of 10 old Cat 60.
Cat 60 sold new for $3,800.00. Cat D-10, $475,000.00.

Harvesting picture taken in year 1917 at Hallock, Minnesota,
cutting flax on the James Hill farm.

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