Pioneer Tractor Postcards

By Staff
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Two cards show two views of the Pioneer tractor.
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Back view of the Ford 'T.' Registration says 'Sask 1913.'
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Company car? Early Ford 'T.'

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Some time ago, around Christmas, a non-tractor friend of mine
showed me some postcard photos of some Pioneer tractors. Although I
collect and restore 1930s era Allis-Chalmers crawlers, I reviewed
the postcards with interest. The postcards were supposed to have
come from an antique shop in the Door County area.

And then, lo and behold, the Pioneers of Steel tractor article,
by Joe Brosig, appeared in the March 1997 issue of GEM.

The other day I had the postcards on loan and had color laser
photocopies made of them. The attempt was very good, but the
originals are slightly sharper.

All of the postcards appear to show a view taken in Canada about
1913. I have captioned each view with about as much info as I could
glean from the original cards themselves.

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