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Here is a picture sent to us by Dale Frazier of 1800 Rt. 35 N, Fraziers Bottom, WV 25082, which actually comes from an old photo album, which had the name 'Tillie Bender, Lewisville, Ohio,' on it.
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It is a scene from the Heatwole (near Hutchinson, Minnesota) show in August 1992. Picture comes courtesy of Ron and Helen TePoel, 4353-75th Street NW, Oronoco, MN 55960.
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An F-12 International that had sat with water in it. It was 'a tough one to restore,' according to Freeman L. Holden of W74O5 570th Ave., Ellsworth, Ohio 54011.
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Here is a picture of Dick Brockmeyer's mailbox holder. It is a 3 or 4 HP Novo. At first glimpse it looks to be in pretty good shape. But, there are no inside parts to it. This was put out for use in June of 1992. Prior to that a 1 Vi HP dishpan Fairbanks
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Carl Kaczor, Sr., left, sent this picture of the 1958 JD 720 (s/n 7226770). Ed Kaczor is sitting on the tractor, with his son Eddie, and Carl Kaczor, Jr., stands at right.
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Col. Norm Stuckey of 4777 Upper Valley Pike, Dayton, Ohio, 45424 sent this picture of his rare Cockshutts: a 550, 560, 570 Wheatlands at the National Cockshutt Show, Darke County Steam Threshers, in Greenville, Ohio in July of 1992.

Dan Wilhelm of 7200 Davison Ave NE, Monticello, MN 55362 sent us
this picture of his Massey Harris 22 of 1951 vintage, which he
restored with his two sons in July 1992. It was shown that year at
the Rogers Pioneer Power Association Show at Rogers, Minnesota, the
Kenney Englund Farm Show at Bradford, Minnesota, and the White Pine
Logging and Threshing Show at Magrath, Minnesota.

Dick and his family live at RR # 1, PO Box 49B, Wheatland, IA

‘Over the winter of 1992, my two sons fully restored the
tractor. My son Ed, who is a mechanic, overhauled the engine, and
my son Carl, Jr., who is an auto-body mechanic, did a complete body
restoration and paint job.

‘My only part in the project was to mind my grandson,
Eddie.’ Carl lives at 163 Springdale Ave., Yardville, NJ

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