Our Allis Chalmers WC

By Staff
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Rt. 3, Box 390 Bagley, Minnesota 5662 1

This is a picture of my wife Marlys, along with our 1934
Allis-Chal-mers ‘WC’. This tractor is serial #146. It has
extension rims, four spoke steering wheel, a kerosene cover on the
manifold, rear-mounted auxiliary fuel tank, straight shift lever,
and the ‘Lazy S’ clutch pedal. Missing from the original
are the base-mount magneto, cast-iron valve cover and the
canister-style oil filter.

We obtained this tractor ten years ago, painted it, and put on
decals. We also have WC#417 which is on factory rubber with
seventeen inch front wheels, has straight shift lever, four spoke
wheel, and ‘Lazy S’ clutch also.

We have been Allis-Chalmers tractor enthusiasts for nearly forty
years, and still have our first, second and third WC’s, in
order, a 1937,1940, and 1945. We also used three other WC’s
during the past years, a C, an RC and two WD 45’s. We have
three WC’s with wide fronts, an RC with wide front on steel,
two WC high-clearance, and RC on steel, two U’s, a 20-35, a UC,
and two WF’s. Other machinery in our collection includes an
‘S’ crawler, an HD-19 crawler, a 100 self-propelled
combine, and a field chopper.

Though they are now no longer being produced, the orange colored
tractors, combines, and other machinery are still strong as

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