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Elden and Jim Fox at the Ohio State Fair.

Jim Fox, 10525 Millin Drive West Fostoria, Ohio 44830

In 1935, this tractor was purchased for $727.00 from Stroman
Implement in Fostoria, Ohio. It was used to farm 137 acres East of
Fostoria with the help of a team of horses. It was the owner’s
main source of power until 1969 with the assistance of an Oliver

During the off seasons between 1958 and 1965, the owner took it
to work at a logging camp in southern Ohio. While pulling logs, the
tractor was overturned and the front end was broken off; it was
then replaced with a wide front end that was modified to fit the
tractor. The hood, fenders, and steering wheel were also

The original owner died in 1969. The tractor stood idle until my
son, Jim, and I purchased it for $300.00 in 1976.

We found an original front end at a junkyard in Willard, Ohio.
Jim and I dismantled the tractor and engine, and completely majored
the engine, and sandblasted the tractor. The hood, fenders, and
sides needed to be straightened, welded, filled in, and sanded.
Four coats of primer were applied before the final two coats of
Oliver paint.

We have displayed it at various shows in Ohio and Indiana. But
our biggest thrill was when we received an invitation to exhibit
our restored tractor at the 1982 Ohio State Fair for competition.
There were 17 other antique tractors in opposition, and through our
efforts we won fifth place.

We are looking forward to participating in many more antique
shows in the future.

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