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By Staff
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1937 Oliver Hart-Parr model 70 Orchard tractor

980 Peavy Road, Howell, Michigan 48843.

This is my 1937 Oliver Hart-Parr model 70 Orchard tractor, Ser.
#301438.I purchased the tractor from Mr. and Mrs. Pratt of
Scottville, Michigan in 1985. Mrs. Pratt’s father was the
original owner. The factory owner’s manual was with the
tractor. Mrs. Pratt sent me some photos of the Oliver and I started
to gather information for a ground-up restoration.

The original decals were under several coats of brushed paint
jobs. I carefully stripped the paint as best I could and sent the
short hood sides to Mr. Lyle Dumont in Sigourney, Iowa. He made the
Orchard decals and did a super job. Lyle also supplied the paint
numbers for the correct colors.

Being in metal work all my life, I fabricated new sheet metal
parts, fenderpoints and spacers, battery box, floor boards, and
skirts. Now four years later, the Orchard Oliver ‘lives
again’. Many thanks to all who helped to bring this very unique
and scarce Oliver back to its original condition!

Some will say the grille should be white. My grille had no paint
other than yellow on front and back. I feel it is the correct
color. The orange stripe is as it was when I purchased the tractor,
as is the painted ’70’ on the front. Serial numbers in Mr.
King’s book show 234 Standards were produced. Orchards were
made from Standard components. That brings to mind-how many Orchard
tractors were there, and how many are left?

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