New Zealand’s Tractor Centennial

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Andrews and Beaven Blackstone tractor, 1910, owned and restored by the Marlborough Vintage Farm Machinery Society, Inc., taken at Christchurch.
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Another view of Brian Batchelor's Ruggles & Parsons tractor, built by the Republic Truck Co. with a Waukesha 4 cylinder engine, 3 forward gears and reverse.
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Meyer Brothers Little Giant Model B(#B5 77), built in the USA in 1917. This tractor was rated 16-22 HP with a four cylinder engine. Owner and restorer is N. Simpson, of Thornbury.
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H.S.C.S. 20/25 HP Crawler No. 5358, circa 1934. Built in Hungary by Hofner-Schrantz-Clayton-Shuttle-worth, with a single cylinder, this semi diesel engine was beautifully restored by J.D. Copland, Ashburton.
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Renault H.T. Crawler, 24 HP #178,998. Built in France in 1924, this side valve engine tractor is thought to be the only one of its kind in New Zealand. Owned and restored by Murray Rodger, Tapanui.
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Glasgow No. 168, 1920. Only about 250 of these Scottish tractors are believed to have been built. 3 wheel drive, with 4 cylinder engine that developed 25 HP. Owned and restored by Murray Rodger, Tapanui.
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