New Zealand’s Tractor Centennial

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German built Hanomag R 35, built in 1954, owned by Brian Batchelor and seen at Christchurch.
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A 1913 Saunderson and Mills Universal tractor, owned by Geraldine Vintage Machinery Club.
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One of the more unusual American tractors in New Zealand; Brian Batchelor's Ruggles & Parsons, built about 1918, seen here at the Christchurch rally. Note unusual rear wheels fitted with flat steel plates.
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What is probably New Zealand's oldest tractor, Roger Mahan's 25 HP Titan, belted to the Kingsbury horsepower tester. The variable pitch propellor can be clearly seen.
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Australian-made McDonald Imperial tractor, made in 1935 and owned by Lionel Donaldson. This tractor has a single cylinder horizontal engine.
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