My LA Case

By Staff
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1724 Highway 55 Seymour, Wisconsin 54165

I bought this LA Case from a neighbor. It hadn’t been run
for a couple of years. Fortunately, the motor wasn’t stuck.
Parts were all there when I brought it home and I put it all
together, but when I put water in, it overheated.

So, I put it back in the shed for a year. When I decided to work
on it again, I took the radiator off and had it cleaned at a
radiator shop, then I put it together again. I tried using the
tractor blower to fill the silo but it overheated again. So I let
it go another year.

Then one day my uncle asked: ‘Gonna use this on the
blower?’ I said yes. I made one phone call and asked if there
was an 8,000 1b. Tractor Pull Class at the show. The answer was
yes. This started all within a week’s time.

Again I took the radiator off, took it to a big radiator shop,
where it was worked on over the weekend. This time, they even took
the head off to get the valves ground. It worked out.

The reason for the overheating had come from mice carrying
insulation into the radiator and some into the head holes which had
been left open while it was in the neighbor’s shed. Anyway, we
got all the parts back on a Thursday night-I worked until 1:00 a.m.
putting most of it together. The next day, I finished it up. Valves
checked, gas in, water in, turned the crank and off it started to
run just like a clock.

I took it to a field and drove it around, then I let it run for
hours and hours. No overheating! Back in the shed. I again
retightened the head. Everything was back together again at 8:00
that night and that night it was loaded onto the truck ready for
the Pull.

It was unpainted, of course. It took third place that day,
missing second by inches. After the Pull I brought it home and
started the paint job.

At the end of the 1990 season we took a first and a second
place. We are very proud of our nice LA Case and we hope for even
better luck next year at the Pull.

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