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Cockshutt Hart Parr
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John Deere tractors models

A photo by Arlo Jurney, 44-2106-50 St. SE, Calgary, Alberta T2B
1M7 shows an 80 Cockshutt Hart Parr, of 1939 vintage. The picture
was taken at the Pioneer Acres Show at Irricana, Alberta in August
1988. In the background, you can see part of the display at the
show grounds.

Charles Anderson’s John Deere collection. From front to
back, they are: 1929 model D, 1929 model GP, 1938 model BN, and
1936 model D. Anderson, of Box 198 RFD #1, Hallock, MN 56728 has
some other tractors awaiting restoration. He uses the tractors
every fall at the annual family threshing bee, and reports that his
seven grandchildren are very interested in the tractors and drive
them frequently.

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