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Courtesy of Meridith Brison, Route I, Box 192, Millersport, Ohio 43046

Sunfield, Michigan 48890

In the picture is a 1918 Fordson tractor being cranked by owner
Roy Hough and on the seat is engineer, grandson, Kevin Steward.

This tractor had two previous owners. The first owner in the
Jackson Mich. area, used the tractor one season, then needing more
power traded for a Huber Super Four. Mr. Merle Sayer, Sunfield,
Mich., the second owner purchased the tractor and used it until
1948. Mr. Sayer also owns an English built Fordson. Several years
ago through an effort of the Ford Motor Co. to find the oldest
Fordson in Mich. brought attention to this machine. Mr. Sayer
received a $200.00 check for having in his possession the oldest
known Fordson tractor in Mich. motor no. 72254 and also the second
oldest in the United States. The oldest one was located in the
Baltimore, Maryland area.

We, the third owners, bought the tractor in 1963. It was in good
mechanical condition needing only a new fan belt (flat) and to be
cleaned for painting. This year 1968, we ran the tractor in two
parades; The Sunfield Farmers Pinic in Sunfield, Mich. and
Portland, Mich. Fourth of July. This tractor contrary to all
reports is easy to start and runs very good on its own Mag. As
extras, it has a belt pulley manufactured by Ford Motor Co. and a
Handy Governor manufactured by The Handy Governor Corp. Cearborn,

A 10-20 Titan, introduced by International Harvester in 1915.
Owned and restored by John Arnold and Sons of Marietta, Ohio.
Picture taken at the Glen-ford Ohio meet of the Hocking Valley
Steam and Antique Power Club in 1967.

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