Low-Cost Tractor Built from Old Car Parts

By Staff
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This sturdy, efficient tractor has plenty of power to pull a
two-bottom plow and other implements! Built from old car parts, it
includes a Ford model-A motor and twin transmissions so that you
can get six speeds forward. Wrenches, hacksaw and drill are about
the only tools needed to make it welding can be done at your local
machine shop at a nominal cost. Our set of three 17 by 22-in.
plans, Nos. 1024 to 1026 incl., provides easy-to-understand
assembly details, gives instructions how to proceed step by step,
and contains a complete list of materials needed. This set will be
sent postpaid upon receipt of 75c

The ad at right is reprinted with permission from Popular
Mechanics, September 1940. Copyright The Hearst Corporation. All
rights reserved. Unfortunately, the staff at Popular Mechanics had
no information in their files regarding this ad nor the response to
it. It was sent to us by Jeff Klaverweiden, 98 Elm Street,
Huntington, New York 11743.

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