Lawn Mower Tractor

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Photo courtesy of Ralph W. Peters, Findlay, Ohio.

Learn about a lawn mower tractor made from a Ford Model A chassis.

This lawn mower tractor I made using some parts from a Ford
Model A chassis. The rear axle assembly I narrowed to 24 inch tread
and mounting the transmission to it with a very short torque tube
and drive shaft. On the transmission clutch pilot shaft I used a
V/8-60 Ford clutch with the pilot be a ring and pressure plate
mounted in a 12 inch V belt pulley as shown. The third or the
steering wheel is a rubber tired wheel made for a wheelbarrow. The
two drive wheels are the regular hubs and the 30 by 4.50 wheels and

By putting your right foot on a pedal just to the front of the
right step and raising the front wheels of the mower (which is
supported in front through a spring so they just have enough ground
pressure to hold to the proper cutting height and moving the
steering bar in the desired direction, the mower will turn with the
inside drive wheel going in a 15 inch radius.

Here are some of my engines. From left to right they are: 1. 6
hp International (kerosene). 2. 1 hp McCormick Deering. 3. 1 hp. Simplicity. 4.1 hp International. 5.3 hp Cushman. 6. 2
hp Hercules. 7. 1 hp Fairbanks Morse. They are all in running
order. I started collecting about two years ago.

We have an area equal to at least one half acre with a quite a
lot of shrubbery and trees to mow around which requires about 3
hours to cover. We have used the tractor about 12 years, 11 years
with a 24 inch single blade and one year with the 32 inch spinner
as shown. The motor is a 6 hp. Wisconsin.

I am enclosing a couple of views which I thought you might want
to use in your Gas Engine Magazine.

30-60 15-30 Oil-Pulls at Mikkelson’s. Ed T. Currans on

Here is a picture of a No. 36 Holt Combine and a 16 ft. Cut
International Windrower.

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