Lanz Bulldog Follow-Up

By Staff
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17 Russel Avenue, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey 077073

May I thank the many people who wrote to me in response to my
Lanz Bulldog article in the December 1988 issue of GEM. I now have
details of 25 Bulldogs in the USA and Canada, and suggestions as to
where there are others. I am rather surprised not to have traced
the owners of 3 Bulldogs sold at a big sale in California in 1986.
These were a 25 HP, a 44 HP and a tracked model; I have serial
number details from a colleague who was at the sale, but don’t
know who bought them. Does anyone know where they went?

I am interested in all makes of German tractors and, besides the
Lanz Owners Register, have started registers for other makes, in
particular Porsche. These are not nearly as far advanced as the
Lanz Register, but I do have information which may be of interest
to owners of vintage Porsche, Deutz, MAN, Fendt, Eicher etc. If any
readers own such tractors I would very much like to hear from

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