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First off, I need to alert everyone to an error in the December
2001 issue of Gas Engine Magazine. In the Letters &
Miscellanies section we ran mention of the 13th edition of the
Classic Farm Tractors Calender available from Classic Tractor
Fever, Box 437, Rockland, DE 19732. In reporting on the calender I
said this year’s version featured orchard tractors throughout,
but with four beautiful orchard models presented it is not, as
I’ve discovered, a purely orchard tractor calender. My
apologies to the folks at Classic Tractor Fever and to our readers
for any frustration this may have caused.

So far it’s been a pretty mild winter here in the Heartland,
but I haven’t heard too much grumbling about the weather,
mostly because it’s making it easier for a lot of folks to keep
working on their winter projects without having to factor in
bone-chilling weather. That seems to be the situation around the
country (with the exception of all you people in the Buffalo, N.Y.,
area), and I think it’s going to result in a bumper crop of
restored and reworked engines for this year’s shows. I’m
betting we’ll be seeing a lot of new old iron exhibited this
year, and that’s never a bad thing.

Speaking of shows, the 2002 Steam & Gas Show
will soon be available. A combination of the old
Stemgas directory and the Farm Collector directory, this
year’s directory features listings for more than 1,200 events,
including over 100 new shows. If you haven’t ordered yours yet,
call 1-800-678-4883 to get your order placed.

As ever, I look forward to your comments and questions about Gas
Engine Magazine. Contact me anytime at (785) 274-4379, 1503 SW 42nd
St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265, or via email at:

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