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M.D. Hall, Muncie, Indiana.
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Morris Titus presenting traveling trophy to Richard Smith, Piedmont, Missouri.

2025 Hillcrest Drive, Anderson, Indiana 46012

From Florida to Michigan, Arizona to Ohio, all roads led to our
UAW Gas Engine and Tractor Show at Local 662 on June 4th and 5th,
1988. This year 39 tractors were brought in for our display. Ethol
Andrew, Al Gardner, and Bob Rey did a super job of organizing
contests for the proud owners to prove their abilities with their
restored tractors.

Over 350 gas engines were registered from 76 collectors and
restorers. Can you remember when your lights were lit by the power
of a Delco Plant or your mother did her laundry with a Maytag gas
engine washer?

Relics from Anderson’s past were displayed in the
‘Anderson Museum’. Did you know about the Irish Mail made
by Hil-Standard or the Vertical Computing Scale made by Anderson
Tool Company, around 1900, or the magneto made at the Remy Electric
Company, or have you seen a 1940 Anderson Telephone Book lately?
You know the numbers have really changed!

Thanks to Dan and Barbara Davis we got to enjoy over 60 of these
treasures. If you know of other items ‘made in Anderson’
let us know or bring them to next year’s show for display.

For our enjoyment and reminiscing, collections of bicycles,
outboard motors, tools, toy tractors, motorcycles, antique cars,
and much more were on display.

Dyer’s Calliope playing on Saturday added a festive
atmosphere to the whole day.

Out on the back parking lot flea market vendors set up their
booths with varied items and memorabilia. Craft dealers with their
wares and the quilting bee by the Spring Valley Quilters filled the
auditorium. Under the organization of Kenny Bannon, bluegrass music
by the Whiteriver Folk and Bluegrass Club played to everyone’s
contentment in Room 114. An old time harvest breakfast was held on
Sunday morning for exhibitors with over 100 in attendance. Remember
those good ole country fresh eggs and sausages?

UAW Gas Engine and Tractor Show, where old friends and new
friends meet!

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