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When James C. Rogers, 112 Kimberly Dr. Frankfort, KY 40601, bought this 1937 Case C, #C473054, in September 1990, it had been sitting in a barn for 10 years. Before that, it had been used on a limited basis on a small Franklin County farm. Rogers now refe
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This 1919 Happy Farmer 12-24 HP, built in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is owned by Alex M. Edgar, R.R. 1, Ayr, Ontario, Canada NOB 1E0.

Dennis Shimming, P.O. Box A, Lewellen, NE 69147, sent this photo
of three avid engine collectors sawing up a winter’s supply of
wood at his place. From left to right, they are Glenn Moreland and
Eddie Thiemann  from North Platte and Jim Delahunty from
Ogallala, all in Nebraska. The engine is a 6 HP McCormick Dearing
Type M, in original condition. It was purchased from the estate of
the late Carl Priesner of Ogallala, and runs like brand new. It was
built in 1934.

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