Eagle Tractor

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This 1936 Model 6B Eagle tractor is owned by Vern Racek of Denver, Colorado.

The tractor on this month’s tractor is an Eagle 6B, owned by
Vern Racek of 2571 S. Birch Street, Denver, CO 80222. The photo
here and the one on the cover were taken in August of 1984, shortly
after restoration.

‘These are quite rare even in their home state of
Wisconsin,’ Vern writes. ‘During WW II as a teenager, I
spent a lot of hours on several of these in Wisconsin on a large
farming operation owned by one of my uncles. I was real glad to
locate this one thru the ads in GEM.’

This tractor was manufactured by Eagle Manufacturing Company in
Appleton, Wisconsin, between 1936 and 1940. It has a Hercules QXB-5
6 cylinder engine, Clark 185F 4 speed transmission and a
Timken-Detroit differential. Vern’s tractor is rated 15-25, has
serial number 2383 and was built in 1936.

Vern says that the Eagle was one of the early tractors to use a
6 cylinder engine. ‘Seems Eagle went from 2 cylinders to 6
cylinders in 1930.’

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