Dad’s Old EAGLE 6

By Staff
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(Mrs. Richard) Flahiff 6422 West US 6 Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431

Bought new in 1935, the Eagle 6 first belonged to Richard A.
Flahiff. It was used mostly at that time for cash crop farming and
numerous other maintenance duties around the family farm.

Times changed, the need for the Eagle 6 diminished and the
tractor was then sold. Dad Flahiff died in 1961, leaving behind
many memories, including those of the big Eagle 6. Meanwhile, the
Eagle passed through several new owners.

As young Richard and his three sisters grew to adulthood, they
exchanged many tales about Dad’s old tractor. Working in a
related field, Richard’s interest in gas engines and antique
tractor restoration began to grow. As his own collection of antique
tractors increased, he traveled to auctions, consignment sales and
farm sales, always remembering the old Eagle 6 and wondering at its

At one time, after seeing an old tractor along the road, he
returned only to find it was his father’s tractor and it had
already been sold to a nearby neighbor.

The old tractor had been sitting in an old barn on Route 6 for
20 years without Dick’s knowing its whereabouts. In 1993, fate
offered Dick a chance to purchase another Eagle 6 of the same
style, but Dick declined as it ‘just wouldn’t have been
Dad’s tractor.’

One evening in January 1994, while attending a tractor
restoration meeting, his friend approached and asked if he was
still interested in purchasing his father’s tractor. A deal was
struck and the Eagle 6 was finally returned to the Flahiff family
where it will be protected from the elements, restored and
displayed with pride.

If tractors had feelings, this Eagle 6 would be more than happy.
As this story is written, Dick is busy checking out every little
part, greasing and oiling and making replacements where needed. He
has used his Eagle to transport things around the farm and has even
checked it out for power. Needless to say we have several pictures
of Dick driving his dad’s old Eagle.

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