Dad’s Eagle Tractor

By Staff

N8193 City C, Casco, Wisconsin 54205.

It sat in a corner of the shed;
For some time his dad was dead.
This machine, his father’s pride,
Hadn’t been started since Dad died
As a child he played on the Eagle.
Now it was his, proper and legal.
Try to recall the start-up ritual.
To his dad it was habitual.
Years ago, he tried to make it run.
That time his knuckles ‘got skun’.

Now past his fortieth year,
He gently eased it out of gear.
Feeling very much alone,
Remember what you were shown.
After all the preliminaries,
See how much your weight carries.
Grab hold of the great flywheel,
Flesh against cold steel.
Spin, sputter…ROAR!
To life once more.

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