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Aultman Taylor tractor.
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OilPull tractor.
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Caterpillar tractor.
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110 HP Case steam engine.
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8-16 International tractor.
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Titan tractor.
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Caterpillar tractor.
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Reeves tractor.

These model tractors were built by La Roy Unger, N 3084 Loop
Rd., Monroe, Wisconsin 53566, using anything he could find around
his shop. La Roy has been a farmer all his life and model building
is his hobby now that he is retired. The tractors are built of
wood, cardboard, metal and plastic. The wheels are plastic sewer
pipe turned down in a lathe, the spokes are tooth picks, the hubs
are wood, the gears and steering wheels are from old alarm clocks,
the engines are balsa wood, the frame channels are wood. The gears
on the Caterpillar are from an old egg beater.

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