Come Feel the THUNDER IN ’95

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Rumely Gas Pull owned by the Rohde family, Grass Lake, Michigan.
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1912 30-60E owned by Bruce Hauck (tractor pictured at Marhanka auction).

3379 Macedonia Road Bethel, Ohio 45106

The largest collection ever of Rumely related equipment will
assemble at the 1995 reunion of the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery
Show. Each year the Rumely Products Collector’s Association
chooses a show at which to have their National Expo. The OVAM Show
has been selected for the 1995 Expo. The show dates are August
10-13, 1995, and will be held on the O. V. A.M. show grounds. The
Rumely Products Collector’s Association is an organization
devoted to the Rumely line. Rumely, Advance, Gaar Scott, and
Ault-man-Taylor are all included in the club’s magazine and
national Expos.

The Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show has been planning this
event since 1990, because it will also be the show’s 25th
anniversary. The show is planning on having around 50 pieces of
Rumely related equipment present. To name a few, there will be:
multiple 30-60 E’s, Gas Pull, 14-28, 25-45B, 15-30 and 18-35F,
8-16 HP plowing tractor, 25-40 power unit, corn shredder, clover
huller, ensilage cutter, 32′ separator, and a set of plows. The
Aultman-Taylor tractor line will also be well represented from the
massive 30-60 on down to the 15-30. Various steam engines from the
Rumely line will also be present puffing throughout the

Rumely was bought out by Allis-Chalmers in June 1931, and the
Gathering of the Orange Club will also be present at the show with
a wide assortment of Allis-Chalmers tractors and equipment. This is
the first time in history that there have been two national meets
at one show. Each organization will have their own separate tent
for memorabilia and club information.

The 1995 show is expected to be the biggest one to date for the
OVAM Show. There are numerous other events and exhibits throughout
the grounds for everyone to enjoy. The show recently bought,
transported, and set up a much bigger sawmill, which will be
actively cutting logs during the show. The show also has three
Baker fans and a prony brake for anybody wanting to play with their
tractor. During the 1994 show a group of show members built a black
smith shop from wood that was being cut on the sawmill during the
show. The rock crusher, shingle mill, block maker, cement mixer,
and thresher will also be active throughout the show. The gas
engine area will also be a sight to see from the show’s 90 HP
Buckeye oil engine on down.

We welcome all antiquers, especially Rumely enthusiasts, to
attend this huge event. For information contact: Ed Fiscus,
2466 Bethel Maple Pike, Bethel, OH 45106, 513-734-2791 or Brad
Hauck, 3379 Macedonia Rd., Bethel, OH 45106,

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