Branch 26 Mid-Winter Gas-Up

By Staff
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6801 Scenic Drive N.W. Marysville, Washington 98271-6330

For twelve years Branch 26 has had a Mid-Winter Gas Engine and
Tractor Show. This year this popular event took place February 11,
1995, at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. Weather in
northwest Washington state is far from blistering hot in February,
and many previous shows have had snow and cold rain, but Mother
Nature gave us a break this year.

People young and old really enjoyed the old time engines and
tractors that the very active club members had shined up and
running. One hundred nine running engines made sweet music to many
an old engine lover. Big engines, little ones, ordinary, and rare,
plus some nice home-built engines, were on hand. Brisk buying and
selling meant new owners for 20 engines, most needing someone with
the magic touch to get them restored and running you know that is
half the fun! Lots of tractors, from little Gibsons to a big diesel
John Deere, were lined up and running too.

The ladies of the club made cookies, cakes, and pies, too, to go
with gallons and gallons of coffee for people to enjoy while
watching their favorite engine running.

So there you have ita dandy Mid-Winter Gas-Up that makes us
anxious and ready for the summer engine meets.

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