Another View of John Deere vs. Oliver

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After reading Bob’s letter (Bob Tallman) regarding the
Oliver 70, page 10, Sept. ’88 GEM, I just couldn’t keep
quiet any longer.

I can remember well the day I rode home on a new rubber tired 70
with my dad, from Coldwater ‘about 15 miles’. I was too
small to operate it but I still liked it.

I guess the best day that I can remember was when our neighbor
came over and asked Dad to bring our Fleet line 88 over and pull
his plow in alfalfa sod. Dad backed in where the old John Deere had
died in her tracks and walked off with that plow with the front end
off the ground. The fellow bought a new 88 the next day.

I guess you have to give these John Deere people a lot of
credit, they won’t give up. This same neighbor bought a new
4010 with a five bottom plow and just happened to take delivery the
same day we were plowing right over the fence with our A-Series
1800 pulling a six bottom plow.

The field he was in was about 600 feet shorter than the one we
were in and the 1800 was running lap for lap with the 4010, plus
the John Deere people literally jumped the fence to see how deep we
were running. Come to find out we were plowing about 3-inches
deeper than they were. Dad always said that you had to turn a
little sub-soil all the time.

I really think that if ‘Oliver Corp.” would have
had John Deere management, maybe, John Deere would have been
‘just a fond memory’ today also.

GEM is one of those magazines that you can’t put down until
you have read it from stem to stern, keep up the good work!

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