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The completed B.
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The B sitting in pasture.
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Dad and I after installing power lift.

2530 Lawndale Road Finksburg, Maryland 21048

I’d like to share a story with you about a partnership

For several years Dad and I have been talking about buying and
restoring an old tractor. Dad got me interested in engines and
tractors many years ago when I was little. He and Mom would take my
brother and me to some of the gas engine shows in the area. Also,
Dad being a diesel truck mechanic ‘helped,’ as he would let
me hand him tools when he was working on the family vehicles or
garden tractor.

In September 1994, Dad and I found out about a 1944 John Deere
B, serial #156420, for sale. We went to look at it sitting in a
pasture, pretty much complete. Dad said, ‘Let’s get it.
We’ll go halves on it.’

After a friend helped us get it home, Dad couldn’t wait to
get his hands on it. After draining the oil, Dad discovered several
gear teeth in the bottom of the crankcase. We found that the
governor and cam gears were both missing teeth. We also discovered
the rotor on the magneto would move 45 degrees.

To make a long story short, after a year and quite a few bucks
later, Dad and I got it back together and drove it to the Maryland
Steam Society Show in Arcadia, Maryland.

I’d like to thank a few people. First, my wife for letting
me use her parking spot on the carport while we were working on the
tractor and for not grumbling too loudly when I said we needed a
few more parts. Second, Mom and Dad for their generosity and for
Dad’s mechanical knowledge as this project would never have
happened. Third, Ray Bankert and his son, Josh, for letting us know
about the tractor and getting it home. Fourth, Tony at Finch
Services in Westminster, Maryland, our area John Deere dealer, who
with his ‘B’ book helped us to acquire quite a few parts. I
would also like to thank GEM for their listing of vendors and

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