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Kent A. Gibson
Courtesy of Kent A. Gibson, R. D. 3, Dundee, New York 14837

R.D. 3 , Dundee, N.Y. 14837

1920 Cultor Tractor No. 1358, owned by Kent

I’ve been around gas engines most all my life and in the
last three years have started a collection of my own. To this date
I have about 25 engines and a couple of old tractors and a
thrasher. One of the old tractors is a Cultor, made in 1920. It is
front wheel drive and you ride on the cultivator. Much like the
Moline Universal. The company that built this tractor used mostly
Model T ford parts, that is the engine radiator, trans., and rear
end. From the rear axle which they cut off shorter it is driven by
roller chains to the drive wheels. They used a lever hooked to the
trans petals for forward and reverse.

I bought it from the original owner who said he bought it new in
1920 for $400.00. He also told me that this tractor could be bought
in kit form if you had a good engine.

I am a member of a few clubs around hear. The Pioneer Gas Engine
Ass’n for one, and the N. Y. S. Steam Engine assn, for another.
I had a few of my engines at these two shows as well as two shows
in Penna. I hope to have more ready for the shows next year.

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