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Patent Page: Make-and-Break Ignition Systems

Frank Tremper’s Original igniter patent incorporated a spring-loaded contact (item “G” in Fig. 2) set in the piston head. Included in the patent was his scheme for a chain-driven rotary valve to control intake and exhaust (item “P” in Fig 1.) Most antique engine collectors are ...

Rescuing a 12 HP Domestic from the Bahamian Jungle

Have something you'd like to share with your fellow Farm Collector or Gas Engine Magazine readers? Maybe it's a rescue/restoration story, antique tractor or gas engine review or helpful tip you've gleaned from experience. Whatever it is, we want you to write about it and send it in. Just email ...

The Mechanics of Life

We recently received the following essay written by Ryan Collins. Ryan's grandfather, Harley Collins, sent it to us with the idea that gas engine enthusiasts would appreciate it, and we agree.As Harley explained it, Ryan wrote this essay to accompany his application for medical school at the ...

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Preserving the History of Internal Combustion Engines