Young Iron: Andrew Evans

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Andrew Evans, Reno, Nev., with his 1937 10 HP Stover diesel.

Andrew Evans
Location: Reno, NV

Q: How long have you been collecting gas engines?
A: 5 years.

Q: What attracted you to the hobby?
A: The sound of the engines and how they operate.

Q: Who else in your family collects engines?
A: No one else.

Q: What engines do you have in your collection?
A: 1921 1-1/2 HP Hercules (my first engine), 1928 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse, 1940 4 HP Eureka dragsaw, 1927 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse, 1923 1-1/2 HP Alpha, 1913 1-3/4 HP Nelson Bros. Little Jumbo, 1919 1-1/2 HP Fairbanks-Morse and a 1937 10 HP Stover diesel.

Q: What is your favorite engine in your collection?
A: The Stover diesel because it’s 6 feet tall, weighs 1 ton and when it runs, it shakes the trailer.

Q: Are you working on any restoration projects?
A: I’m working on the dragsaw as well as the Stover diesel. I’m also working on a drill press that my Little Jumbo will run.

Q: Which shows do you normally attend each year?
A: Tulare, Woodland and Grass Valley in California and Garnerville in Nevada. I’ve also been to a steam rally in Hastings, England!

Q: What show haven’t you been to yet that you’d like to attend?
A: I would like to attend a show on the east coast.

Q: As a young collector what are some of the obstacles you’ve come across?
A: Older collectors are cool! My biggest problem is finding a place for all of my engines and miscellaneous equipment.

Q: What are your favorite engines and why?
A: 8 HP Evans because my last name is Evans, and the Sandwich Model T upright, because of the name. 

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