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Can any of you GEM readers tell me who made this Garden Plow? It
has no name plate or any identification on engine. It has 36′
wheels, 3′ piston intake valve on top of piston exhaust valve
below. Has metal battery box and is fired by four dry cell
telephone batteries and buzz coil. Has rotary cam that opens and
closes breaker points. Has clutch that engages and turns axle.
Engages its pulling power on outside of each wheel hub. On mole
board of 1 HP plow is written Goober made by Lynchberg Plow
Company, Oliver Plow, Lynchberg, Virginia.

I don’t think this is a Maytag – no letters or markings,
about 1? HP. Both photos courtesy of Willard Gillie, 249 Mebane
Street, Eden, North Carolina 27288. Phone 919-627-7908.

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