Update of An African Iron Update

By Staff
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This is a follow-up to the ‘African Iron Update’ which
appeared on page 34 of GEM May 2000 issue. Cris Nystrom of
1764 South River Road, Autryville, NC 28318 asked about an engine
he owned (and had asked about in the February 1999 issue of
GEM, item 34/2/8, and had sent a picture of shown on page
27 of December 1997). He had thought it was a Deutz engine, but it
turned out not to be. He asked if anyone could accurately identify
his engine, and assistance eventually came from Martin Ebner,
Hoehenstrasse 17, 82229 See feld, Germany, who wrote:

‘Hey Cris, I read your inquiry in GEM. Your engine
is called a Sendling Model DM 5. The factory is no longer working,
but was located in Munich, in the Sendling district. They also
built tractors.’

Mr. Ebner lives in southern Germany, near Munich.

‘The type of engine on the brochure does not look like
yours, because your engine is an older type. I also own two
Sendlings, but gas engines not diesel like yours.

‘Now in Germany soon the antique tractor show season will
start. I’ll try to find the same engine like yours and take a
good photo.’

We are glad Mr. Nystrom sent along this letter from Mr. Ebner,
and look forward to seeing a photo of a restored Sendling at some
future time.

The sheet of specs sent with this letter to Mr. Nystrom is in
German, but we are reproducing the engine picture from it, below.
The company name is Motorenfabrik Munchen-Sendling.

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