United 1 HP

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Robert P. Maidl of 90 Girard Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873 recently restored this 1 HP United engine.
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90 Girard Avenue Somerset, New Jersey 08873

Here are a couple of photos of my recently restored 1? HP
United. Admittedly, the engine is a bit over restored with polished
flywheels and unpainted fasteners etc., for which I claim
‘hobbyist’s license,’ but it does closely resemble the
illustration in American Gas Engines Since 1871, page 521, lower
right corner.

There were traces of the original paint and striping, which were
duplicated as closely as possible. Probably the most difficult task
was fabricating a fuel tank to fit inside the sub-base. The
engine/skid is removable from the dolly.

Many of the missing parts were obtained through advertisers in
GEM, and it was a pleasure doing business with each of them. Having
been in the automotive restoration hobby for over 20 years, this
project was a pleasant and satisfying change of pace.

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