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Howard Hoffman's 3-1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson Model NC is a beauty. Introduced in 1926, the NC range was available to the end of Fuller & Johnson production in 1933.

A few years ago during a visit to the Coolspring Power Museum in
Coolspring, Pa., I purchased this 3-1/2 HP Fuller & Johnson
engine. This handsome, well-designed engine features tapered
flywheels, six head bolts, a wet head, angled crankshaft bearing
beds and a spring on the rocker arm to maintain light pressure on
the exhaust valve. A flywheel spring and ball weight give ideal
hit-and-miss cycles.

This little engine sold for $108 in 1929. I have finished
restoring it and mounted it on red oak timbers and trucks.

Contact engine enthusiast Howard G. Hoffman at: 1599 Hubbard
Road, East Aurora, NY 14052-3030.

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